Project Description

starLiGHT.Engine is a set of libraries for indie game developers using XNA. It is in development for some years now as a closed source project. Now I will release some (most) parts as Open Source (dual licensing).

Attention: The whole starLiGHT.Engine is in development for approx. 3 years now and contains more than 1000 source files. The parts that are published on codeplex may still have a alpha status, because some of them are still under development or very new. Other parts are not completely changed to LGPL. If you are interested in a part that is not working or incomplete, please ask about it. Maybe the parts are available and we are able to change priorities to help you.

The actual alpha release for XNA 3.1 is [XNA 3.1] starLiGHT.Engine v0.74.
The actual alpha release for XNA 4.0 is [XNA 4.0] starLiGHT.Engine v0.74.

You will find additional information on the old website We are moving the content to codeplex...

The development mailinglist is available at

Deutsche XNA-Tutorials und mehr XNA - 'Mit ohne Haare' vom DirectX/XNA MVP Glatzemann.
Glatzemann (main developer of starLiGHT.Engine) has a german blog now...

Projects using the starLiGHT.Engine

Current status

The first parts which are currently released:
includes collections, extensions, types and interfaces for the whole engine
is a Content Pipeline extension library which is used to extend the content pipeline (e.g. GIF-Importer, Premultiplied Alpha for XNA 3.1 etc) and to integrate the starLiGHT.Engines types and assets into the Content Pipeline (e.g. Animations, Storyboards, Behaviours, Particle-Systems, Scripts etc.)
an easy to use and fast collision library.
contains algorithms and components which are useful for many game programming topics, e.g. perlin noise etc.
an port of the popular Box2D physic engine by Erin Catto. It includes a XNA specific and optimized convenience helper for easy usage.
this library contains everything that has to do with rendering. In the current version it doesn't contain very much, as this was only included because it is referenced by starLiGHT.Physic2D. In the final stage this will include PostProcessing, SceneManagement, Cameras etc.
is an input manager which makes input really platform independet. It doesn't matter if you code for PC, Zune, Windows Phone or XBox. You always use the same methods and interfaces to access all input devices. Devices that are not supported on some plattforms are emulated, if possible. Multi plattform projects are very transparent and you don't have to use conditional compilation or preprocessor directives.
is a way to create In-Game graphical user interfaces. This part of the engine is under heavy development.

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