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Possible improvements

first post: live2b wrote: Hi all there,I took a look to your collision detection code. I cou...

latest post: Glatzemann wrote: Hi Gökhan,thank you for your advice. The loop you suggested is...

Make size increasing of GrowableStack<T> modifiable

first post: Nilres wrote: At the moment the size of a starLiGHT.Physic.TwoD.GrowableStack<T> ...

latest post: Glatzemann wrote: I closed issue #220 a few minutes ago. The GrowableStack<T> is basi...

I can't find a engine!?

first post: TheForeigner wrote: I've searched everything, but where is the engine?

latest post: glatzemann wrote: What did you expect?The transformation from the closed source versi...

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