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The InputManager has one or more named ControlSchemes which has one ore more ControlSchemeButtons. A ControlSchemeButton is used to map a combination of keys and/or buttons of the various input devices to a named Action. You can set a repeat rate for action events at a regular interval if the button and/or key is held.

Example for better understanding:
  • Create a ControlSchemeButton using the Keyboard key space and the GamePad button X
  • Create a named Action "Fire" and connect it to the ControlSchemeButton
  • Check for "Fire" actions using the IsActionPress, IsActionRelease or IsActionHeld Methods of the InputManager

By using different ControlSchemes (which are loadable and saveable) you are able to swap the keyboard and/or GamePad layout easily at runtime. You are additionaly able to swap single key and/or button mappings within the ControlScheme for user definable controls.

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