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The Properties must have a unique key which is used to identify the key/value-pair. The value can be everything you need, but it must match the type. The type attribute must be:
  • String
  • Integer or Int
  • Float or Single

String can contain all characters of the utf-8 charset. Integer/Int is a number and float/single are floating point numbers.

The definition of properties looks like this.

 <Layout Name="TestPropertyBag">
      <Property Type="String" Name="Key" Value="PropertyValue" />
      <Property Type="Integer" Name="IntegerKey" Value="42" />
      <Property Type="Int" Name="IntKey" Value="23" />
      <Property Type="Float" Name="FloatKey" Value="2.0" />
      <Property Type="Single" Name="SingleKey" Value="4.0" />

At runtime in your code you are able to obtain one of this property using the GetProperty-Method of the Layout-Skin-Element.

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