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The skin definition file is a XML-file which defines how your gui will look like. As each xml file it needs an xml header like in the following code-snippet. The root element of the xml definition file is the Skin-Tag. The only attribute is name. The example shows the root element of the skin "DarkSkin".

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Skin Name="DarkSkin">


All other tags needs to be children of the skin tag.

An important element is the Imageset-Element with it's image child elements. The Imageset defines the parts of a texture that are used for drawing all gui elements.

The next child element of the skin tag is the Layout tag. You are able to define any number of Layout tags you want. This layouts are used by a single widget at a time. Most of the layout sections are predefined for the included widgets, but you are able to define your own and load them into your UserWidgets.

A nice and new addition to the skin definition are property bags. You are able to define various properties as child elements of the Properties tag which you can read by the user control. Which information this is are up to you. There are only types defined. The key's and the value's of your properties can be everything you need.

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