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starLiGHT.Collision is the collision part of the starLiGHT.Engine. Sometimes people are asking, why there's a Collision system and a physic system in the engine and why the physic system is not using the collision system. It is easy to answer this question: The collision system is optimized as a stand alone system and is used for collision only. No collision response, no rigid body simulation and such things. It is very easy to use and specialized for collisions.

On the other hand, the physic system is optimized for rigid body simulations and the collision system of the physic system is specially optimized for the pyhsic simulation.

The objectives of the collision system is to provide an easy, configurable and extendable interface for collisions. You can choose from different broad and narrow phase systems e.g.

The entry point for the collision system is the CollisionManager. It manages the references to all collidable objects. It is able to do a Broad Phase and a Narrow Phase collision detection. It even has a Debug Draw mechanism. You can choose from one of the exisiting debug drawers or provide your own.

There's a Sandbox available which shows many aspects of the collision system: starLiGHT.Sandbox.Collision. Here's a little teaser:


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