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starLiGHT.Sandbox.PhysicEndlessScrolling is a sandbox, that is demonstrating some aspects of the physic system and the input system of the starLiGHT.Engine. Additionaly this demonstration shows how to create a endless scrolling physic enabled level. Physic-Geometry that leaves the screen is discarded and new geometry is created just before scrolling into the visible are to create a illusion of a endless world.

This Sandbox is available for XBox 360 and Windows in the subversion repository. You can steer the "Box with tail" with this keys and a connected xbox gamepad:

ESC Exit the sandbox
A steer left
D steer right
W steer up
S steer down
Space drop balls

On the XBox you have to use the BACK button for exit, DPad for steering and the A button for dropping balls.

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